is always the Friday and Saturday AFTER Mothers Day!
The sale gates open at 10am...the line starts forming at 8am...just sayin':o)

Downtown Larkspur 415 924 0279

   This is a Northern California MUST COME TO SALE!!

What is at the sale?:
  * Oil Cloth Table Cloths, and Provence design cotton napkins
  * Jacquard Tablecloths, Jacquard hand towels, and Jacquard napkins
  * Vintage items like estate silver ware, oil paintings, chandeliers,
     architectural elements
  * Pottery, vases and glass ware
  * Vintage Champagne buckets
  * Bijou Fantasie (French design costume jewelry)
  * Provence quilts
                                     ........and much more!!
HOURS: m-sat 10am-6pm
              sun 11noon-5pm

The sale is filled with new merchandise that is shopped for all year long!
We also have vintage many vintage items, like oil paintings, estate silver, and pottery from the markets in Provence!

Below are collections from our 2015 sale.  Friday and Saturday the sale is held in our back courtyard so that we can accommodate 20 6 foot long tables filled with product, then, we continue the sale from the next day (Sunday) until the next Sunday out in front of our store with 5 tables filled with merchandise. So mark your calendars for the weekend after Mother's Day for our once a  year annual Sale at Coquelicot! (...click on the images below to enlarge)